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What is Christmasscreensavers.net?
Christmasscreensavers.net is a selective directory of Christmas related freeware screensavers. We do not make any screensavers or add any installers, toolbars, or other adware to the screensavers available at Christmasscreensavers.net. The listed screensavers are made by various freeware authors around the world. All screensavers have been carefully tested for quality, viruses, and possible adware/spyware. Only the very best 'clean' freeware files are accepted to our listings. We do not collect any email addresses either, so no spam is sent to the visitors of this site.

Advertising banners and pop-ups
Since we do not sell anything, require paid memberships, or add hidden adware/spyware to screensavers, the hosting and site maintenance are entirely financed by advertising.

Please note that screensavers offered in the advertising banners or pop-ups are not part of the site content and might not pass the criteria required for a listing at Christmasscreensavers.net.

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